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Dynasty 350 vs Syncrowave 250dx thin aluminum

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  • Dynasty 350 vs Syncrowave 250dx thin aluminum

    We have a syncrowave 250dx at our day job and are going to be getting a dynasty 350 for our personal/side business. We will be welding rather thin stuff (.040) aluminum mostly, and are interested to learn if anybody's found a difference with how the material reacts (warping, ease ability to weld etc) using a dynasty over a syncro. We've done a decent amount of research regarding the dynasty but just wanted to double check.
    We've been using the Syncro on pulse with 1/16th orange tungsten and 1/16 filler rod (slightly too big) and tacking every 1/2 inch. It's time consuming and frustrating. We know its possible to do, and we're thinking the dynasty would be able to do it easier and better.
    Thanks for the info!

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    you will absolutely love the Dynasty 350DX once you get used to it... dealing with the control panel and nested menus is a little bit threatening at first...

    it will serve you well to spend some time reading the posts in the Dynasty setup thread...

    I love both of my Dynasty's 350DX and 200DX would not trade them for the world, and yes I have had Synchrowaves..... whole different world

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      What he said.
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        I don't think you will see much difference in warping. Some, but not much.

        The one advantage you will find is arc control. With the pointed tip on the tungsten, the higher welding frequency, the wave shape control etc. you will put that arc exactly where you want it. That will keep the total heat input down and is noticeable on thicker metals.
        Not sure if you will see it on .040 (which is a small step above 'paper thin').

        The other thing you will notice is that the arc starts very quickly and the puddle forms very quickly as well. That might speed up your tack welding.

        Maybe talk to SundownIII about 'bump welding'. He mention a technique in which the amps are turned up and you use a remote contactor. Put a lot of heat in one small spot for a second. Might be a faster way to tack weld. I believe he said something about setting the Amps around double. With the Dynasty you can fine tune this easily with the various process controls. (spot timer + 2T or spot +RMT).

        As for learning how to use the Dynasty. Yes, there are millions of combinations of settings - you will end up finding your favorite 3 or so. The layout is not bad - there are some hidden menus, most of those you won't touch but one time. Learn the memory features. So when you have the perfect setting for say, tack welding .040 aluminum, you can get that setting back with a couple of button presses.

        BTW, when tacking .040 aluminum, how much gap do you have and if its not zero, what are you measuring it with?
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          Here are 2 welds on .040" alum I made using my Dynasty 350.

          Settings are: 45 amps - 75% balance - 200 Hz, advanced squarewave, - 1/16" 2% thorium.

          Since my alum filler is 1/8" diameter, I set the pieces up as a 90 degree outside corner weld. One piece was overlapped 3/32" to provide some filler material.

          Please excuse the poor welds as the Dynasty is capable of much better quality.

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