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Help identifying vintage gas regulator

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  • Help identifying vintage gas regulator

    So I was rummaging through grandpas old tools today and found an old gas regulator and would like some help figuring out what it is and how old it might be. The dial behind the glass says RegO Trade Mark Welding & Cutting Apparatus...Use No Oil..(in real tiny at the bottom)Pat Sept. 14, 1906(?). The bolt on the right has the number 1088 imprinted into it. There is a small metal plaque? attached near the front of it that says "National Welding Equipment Co. Syracuse, N.Y. There is a plastic coated cloth tag attached via wire to it that states it is a Gas Regulator and goes on to list instructions for use. Imprinted into the metal, which I believe is brass, is RegoO Trade Mark U.S. Pat Off, then PATD MAR 6 1917, and below that date, OCT 18 1921. Finally there is what appears to be an unbroken seal consisting of wire with some sort of small, black, round metal attached to it, which I assume is supposed to prevent tampering with it? Anyway, sorry for the lack of descriptive term as I know little to nothing about this kind of equipment and my brief google searches don't really pull up anything relevant. Links to photos attached below....

    Full frontal:

    Plaque thingy:

    Patent dates:


    Other side of tag:

    Tamper seal:

    Thanks for the looks and comments... appreciate it...

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    The "welding and cutting", the red paint and 30 psi max delivery pressure make me think it is a fuel gas (acetylene) regulator. Is the thread on the connecting nut a left-hand thread? If so, it is surely fuel gas.