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Miller S32P suitcase welder and Aluminum

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  • Miller S32P suitcase welder and Aluminum

    I have been using my S32P suitcase for many years now with flux core and solid core wire with no real problems hooked up to a Miller CST280 inverter now.
    I was just wondering if I can weld aluminum with this suitcase welder or not. I have not welded aluminum before except with Tig unit at a friends shop to see how it works?

    Any advice or ideas appreciated.



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    Yes you can do alum but you will have problems. A Teflon liner will ease the birds nesting of wire in the drive rolls but you will still get it. Larger wire will feed better. A spoolgun is the best for alum mig...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Going to have to say a firm no on this one, as the CST280 is basically a stick machine, thus no CV.

      Even if you did have a teflon liner, and actually could get the wire to come out smoothly, you'd likely go through around 50' of Aluminum wire before it ever started to arc. And when it finaly did, your weld would look horrible.