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problem with used dynasty 200dx

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    Originally posted by con_fuse9 View Post

    I believe (double check your manual) that the newer Dynasty 200s don't require swapping for stick welding! The older ones did.
    So - for TIG, don't swap cables. If you think you _must_, you are doing something fundamentally wrong (hence everyone suggesting you read or re-read the manual). We are trying to be helpful not hostile.
    I just read the latest manual dated Jan 2011, and it says to leave electrode on right side as it apparently is swapped internally. Yahoo!!!

    Now that is the latest version. But whatever the case it should never be swapped for tig.
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      I dont swap leads on my 4 year old 200 dx for polarity change,that is the function of the process switch.
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        The machine swaps polarity internally so you never need to move the leads. If he's got it in stick mode with the tig torch connected, he's going to be burning the tungstun since the machine will put positive on the tig torch.

        I've done plenty of similar dumbass stuff:
        Forgot to turn on the cooler.
        Forgot to turn on the gas.
        Sit there tapping the stick against the work wondering why it won't light (tig lead is plugged into the machine).
        Forgot to hook up the ground.
        etc, etc.....

        Of course there really could be something wrong with the machine. How about a picture of the lead hookup and the front panel? Somebody might spot something obvious.

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          Check your balance settings??
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            The dude hasn't been online here for almost 2 months.
            Surely he has it figured out by now.

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