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Will Millermatic 35 work for general farm/ranch work?

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  • Will Millermatic 35 work for general farm/ranch work?

    I'm not a great welder and far from a pro. I can weld a little and usually good enough to patch together all my mistakes

    Anyway, my old welder is finished (cost more to fix than replace) and I found a good Millermatic 35 at a dang good price (it is a 220v). I was wondering if that machine would work for general ranch/farm work. I mostly weld pipe fences 2 3/8 to 3 inch pipe. Occasionally weld some equipment and make pipe panels.

    Anyone use this machine and would it work for me? I know a newer machine would be better. However, I don't need to weld very often, so I just need something to get by when I do.

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    The MM35 is a good solid older model combination mig welder..... as long as you get a sound one at a good price it should do what you need as long as it is within reach of a 240v outlet.... My feeling is to pay no more than $400 for a clean operational example... here is a link to the manual... should help you understand that machine a little better..

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      I had/used a 35 for years here on the farm until it went away and had to upgrade. as already said you will need to be close to a 220v source be it on the wall or a generator and if used outside you will want to use flux core wire. we had a 30' spool gun on ours to use in the in the shop for aluminum and steel because the 15' gun was to short for welding around on equipment..
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        Thanks for the info! I can get into this one for $225, but I wanted to make sure it would work for what I needed.

        Thanks for the manual link--dang helpful when I buy it.


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          I had a few of them in the late 70's and early 80's. They did production welding almost everyday...Bob
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            The 35 is a good machine the only down side is now they are pushing 40 yrs old and some parts for some serial numbers are NLA,no longer available.
            I wouldn't spend a penny until you weld with it.
            If it welds good 225 is cheap enough.


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              Feed Motor

              I would not touch a MM35 with a 36ft pole. I had one and what happened was the mickey mouse gears they had in the feed motor wore out they were not available and the only option was to replace the entire motor and retrofit one from a new machine. That being said there were two motors used in that welder and if you got the later version you might be ok...if not your SOL if an issue comes up with the brass gears. That being said it was an excellent machine and welded much like the MM200.


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                what type was your old welder ?? stick, mig ??? like all threads on buying any machine get the most you can afford. I would think stick would be more adaptable adaptable to farm type work. Actual you real need a tig machine that you can do stick too and a mig machine. Save more and buy bigger.You know you real need at least two machines. They look sooooooooooooooo good in a group!

                Are you gonna run it off a generator too ??? more to consider! What power is avaiable ?? I got a 200 synco and it does both tig and stick. But, I am a old stick welder from way back, OLD NOW! Thinking about the autoset 211, great machine!


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                  I have a Millermatic 35 and love it! I use mine for production work and lean on it pretty heavily especially in the past few months. I've had my best success running .030 ER70 S6 with 80/20 Argon/Co2 mix. when I get into heavier stuff I run Lincoln 70M dual shield wire with straight Co2 gas. I've run straight flux core in it as well but you'll have to reverse the polarity to use flux core which on that machine is easy to do. Just swap the red and black leads, it's that easy.

                  I think from what you're describing that machine will do well for you as I do a lot of farm machinery repair as well as construction equipment repair and quite a bit of general fabrication. It will also turn down easily to weld thin gauge sheet metal and body work with .023 wire and 80/20 mix.
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                    Originally posted by big mike View Post
                    The 35 is a good machine the only down side is now they are pushing 40 yrs old and some parts for some serial numbers are NLA,no longer available.
                    I wouldn't spend a penny until you weld with it.
                    If it welds good 225 is cheap enough.
                    There not all that old, mine rolled off the production line in Sept 1990. And I think the last one was made in 1991. Still old but there built tank strong.