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320 tig - Foot control problem

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  • 320 tig - Foot control problem

    I have a 320 A/BSP machine with a RFC-23A foot control . Cant seem to get the foot control to function properly , it will not start an arc without a scratch start. The amperage control works fine on the foot control . I have checked out the foot control with my multi-meter and it functions as it should . It seems somthing isnt right with the contact switch control on the machine. Checked the jumper links in the machine and im pretty sure its setup right . Any help would be great

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    If the foot control is turning on the weld output, it sounds like the problem is with the machine not the foot control.
    Make sure you have the HF switch on.
    If that is OK, then you may have to check other components of the HF starting system.
    Start with the contact points, make sure they are firing nice, bright blue arc between the points when trying to start the arc.

    Has this machine worked for you in the past?



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      the high freq switch is in the continous position, working on aluminum . The contacts are good and the machine is in great shape and welds good . Only issue is it wont start an arc without the pedal paired with a scratch start ..... not much fun on aluminum


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        Well. according to every diagram I've looked at for your machine (As I don't know your serial#) the foot pedal has little to do with the HF comming on or not, as once the contactor closes 115Vac shoots in to run the TX transformer.

        Therefore its quite likely that your HF transformer is pooched. now both lincoln and miller use the same one, and they are still readily available.

        #208045 is Miller and it's under $100
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          i will check the HF transformer , thanks for the info


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            On yours if its still the large block looking transformer, don't bother, just replace it with the new version.