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mm 35 not feeding wire

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  • mm 35 not feeding wire

    Hi all ,i was welding yesterday on and off for about 4or5 hours i just left the machine on the whole time and came back after about a 2 hr. break and started welding after a few minutes it stopped feeding and i felt the side of the machine and it was warm so i quit for the day and went out this morning to give it a try and nothing you can hear it click like normal when you pull the trigger but still no feed . i am guessing the feed motor is burnt up ! does anyone know were to get one or does any one have any suggestions on what to look for . thanks Chris

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    It could be a loose wire in the trigger also...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      There's a magnetic contactor, relays and a couple of circuit breakers on that machine, any of which could cause your problem. The drive motor only runs while welding, so that's one of the least likely suspects.

      I suggest checking with a voltmeter to see how the circuits look, and also see if the mag contactor 'makes' or closes like it should. Also all those components have various connecting terminals that may be loose, frayed wire, broken or whatever.

      I found a Miller 'Service Manual' with some electrical schematics for that machine online but unfortunately don't have a direct link to it. You mihgt find it with a little searching.

      By the way, if that machine starts heating up too much from current load or draw a cooling fan shou;d automatically kick in. If you didn't hear that running it's unlikely it overheated just from sitting idle. Check connections for that fan too.

      Please be very careful with the high voltage present inside!
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        AZEDGE thanks for replying ,i wish i had your expertise . the more i read about this the more in depth of a problem it seems i have . as for the wire not feeding when you pull the trigger wire should come out rather you are welding or not right? i have done allot of digging on the net today and have heard allot of the same as what you are saying , and your right the fan never kicked on so i seem to have another problem . i am not much of an electrician so i probably would do way more damage than good sticking my hands in something with hot 220v .as much as i hate to it looks like i am going to have to take this thing in to get it looked at. thanks again for the help. Chris


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          Hey guys just wanted to give an update.i took it in to the LWS to have them take a look, well apparently.1.) i had the wrong liner and had it cut too short they said "i put it in about 2 yrs.ago and worked ok but they said it was wrong so i said OK.i told them to check it all out rheostat,fan, and of course the wire feed problem 2.)they cleaned all the contacts and moved something to another part of the panel and that seemed to have fixed the wire feeding problem . He charged me a whole $91.00 [$65.00 to check it out and $20.00 and something for the liner ] and fixed it , i brought it home and did some welding after a few minutes and the fan kicked on several times "which it's never done before since I've owned it "and it welds as good as it's ever welded . needless to say i was ecstatic i had already begun shopping for a new machine and had my heart set on a MM212. i asked the guy when would be a good time to peddle this thing if need be and i was looking at a MM212 to replace it his first question was "WHY THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT YOU GOT " he also told me" if you buy a 212 just keep that one there's nothing wrong with it i would give $500.00 trade in for it if you really want to get rid of it . honesty goes along ways with me that's something you don't see much of these days . so i guess I'll just keep using it . thanx for the input guys .. Chris