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How do we report tis stuff, SPAM, junk/get rid of it?

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  • How do we report tis stuff, SPAM, junk/get rid of it?

    Maybe a stupid question by an old computer dinosaur, but how do we get rid of this person "xrenalissogomm" that is posting all of the garbage on this site? On the other hand, I think that whoever runs this site MUST have seen/noticed it all and is maybe doing something about it. Am I right? Wrong? Dreaming?

    Junk on the computer is worse than getting junk mail for least with junk mail I have the personal satisfaction of dropping it in the garbage before it ever makes it into the house!!
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    on the lower left of the message there is a little black triangular icon with an exclamation in rhe middle... click on that.. and report..
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      would be nice if miller could block the dirt bags ip address rather than just his sign in name.
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        Originally posted by jbmprods View Post
        would be nice if miller could block the dirt bags ip address rather than just his sign in name.
        That would be a thankless job with the plethora of IP address proxy services on the Internet. Even using the most basic of proxy services, one would be able to log in to any site repeatedly with an entirely different IP address each time.

        Best method is to flag the post by utilizing the alert link on the lower left of each posting. Also, please don't help the spammer by posting a reply to his worthless thread or clicking on any of the spam links. If it is a first time poster, or one with only a handful of posts to the forum, consider it spam at least until the original poster comes back and asks further question on the same thread...spammers 'usually' don't take the time and effort to follow their threads after they've posted them.
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          I did contact, admin and did get a response. As been said USE THE REPORT POST ICON and just copy and paste spam with the typed word ****. They did say they are working on the problem. But with the weekend coming up we may have a flood again.

          Here is how it works for those that don't know.
          There are forums and chat rooms for what they call themselves "trade operators" not spammers. Had a member of another forum that was from China. He stumbled on one of the their forums. They post web forums that allow joining and posting with out verification. To them it is just away to get their bowl of rice and Budweiser(favorite beer among the Chinese spammers) Most don't even now what they are typing as they have a script to follow and most is just cut and paste.

          With the abundance of proxy servers, it is impossible to block them all. Add to that fact that any number of the companies that are spam advertisers. Have American companies set up that have blocks of IP addresses with e mails that are clean. They are route traced back to Russia and China.

          Currently Spam Servers Identified 86,987,799 IPs Monitored 99,151,553

          It changes hourly

          Biggest thing is don't click on the links as that is how they get paid and remember to report all posts with the report post icon.
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            Thanks PT, you are correct. I wanted to add that spam generally comes in waves, and we're doing our best to stay on top of it. In the meantime, we're trying to learn ways to avoid future waves, although it's always a creative game of cat and mouse. Luckily we do have some nice security measures already in place - there were hundreds of messages in the queue that never made it!

            Thanks for your patience everyone - please continue to report any spam posts you see. I did a lot of clean-up this morning - I haven't seen anything new since then, but I will continue to keep an eye on it...


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              I spend hours a day looking and deleting what i can and i can't keep up some times. Some mornings i can remove 10 items only to have it back a few hours later. The best thing is for everyone to report it then the message gets to more than me and it will be taken care of. Thanks for your support...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                Thanks to the Mods and Admins for the effort to keep the place cleaned up.