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Miller 250x with Spoolmate 100?

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  • Miller 250x with Spoolmate 100?

    I have been looking for an inexpensive spoolgun for a few small projects. When I asked my friend at Airgas today about spoolguns, he showed/sold me the Spoolmate 100. He said that even though it isn't listed as working on the 250x he was 99% sure that it would direct connect and work.

    My 250x is an older unit that has a 4pin connector for the gun and the extra 10pin connector that is currently not in use. Everything that I have read shows that I am supposed to use the 15A or 30A spoolgun directly through the 10pin connector.

    After opening the box to the Spoolmate 100, I find that it only has a 4pin connector (and not a 10pin) and that does fit my 4pin connector.

    So... my question is this, the Spoolmate 100 mounts up and fits my 250x, but before I pull the trigger, do you know if it will work? Or am I going to burn something out or ruin something? I would rather be able to take the Spoolmate 100 back for a refund than damage it testing it out.

    Anybody know?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I have a sneeking suspicion that it won't work, as there is nothing to tell the machine how fast to turn the spoolgun drive.

    Even if you had an adaptor to change the 4 to a 10pin. The exsisting 4 pin plug on the spoolmate are for trigger and motor only


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      Humm, I understand what you are saying.What confuses me though, is how does the spoolmate 100 work with the other machines using just a 4pin connector?


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        At the trigger on some machines there is another couple of wires for the motor on the spoolgun to work. So then you'd have motor and trigger. Some have a built in relay to shut off the main drive, Some have a spoolgun switch. These also run the wire speed, where as yours doesn't for the spool gun.

        Really there is absloutely zero point to run a 100 amp spoolgun on a 250 amp machine anyways. You'd just end up burning it. Should have clued in there...


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          You need a spoolmate 200, or $poolmatic 30a or 15a


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            SpoolMate 200 - w/Millermatic 250x - Backwards compatiblitiy

            Greetings all,

            Just like to introduce myself and jump right into the mix with my question: Since the 251 & 252 welders are just nex-gen versions of the 250X w/meter, can anybody difinitively tell me to buy one and hook it up? I know what the chart says (yes), and I know what the dealer book says (no), but short of calling Miller directly, has anyone done it successfully? I appreciate everyone's input, and promise when I do find out for sure, I will follow up on this thread and share the final results.


            Iron Mike


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              I have a mm250 with spoolmate 100

              I have hooked a spoolmate 100 to my mm250. I had to use a double pole switch to route the voltage from my feed motor to the spool gun four pin connector two are for switch to trigger feed motor. It's not that hard to wire it for the spoolmate but it will not work unless you rewire the four pin plug. I have been using this little spool gun a lot and have pushed a lot more that 100 amps thru it. Been welding 3/16 alum with it. Wire speed cranked way up be read to move very fast. There is you tube vid for mm130 that wire in spoolmate same set up as yours.