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  • Scam???

    May just be a head gasket, or could have a cracked block...

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    I posted this link on another welding forum. I don't think it's a scam because that is an Alma, AR phone #. I first thought of a head gasket. How do you abuse that tank to the point of busting the block in less than 100 hrs. Regardless, if it's not been abused and it is a gasket I am wondering why it isn't being fixed under warranty.
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      No antifreeze maybe? I've never owned/used one. Do those have freeze plugs? Do they work well enough to prevent cracking the block?

      The warranty doesn't cover stupid operators

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        When Craig list is involved, if its to good to be true it probably is! Just because its a locally phone number doesn't mean its not a scam.
        There is at least one scam in the metro area a month around here. Some the have been running across the country. The hot muscle car scam for a to good to be true price out of Cal. a Local TV station taped the people on the phone. basically says stupid people get what they deserve when they get ripped off. Because they are greedy.
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          I'd wonder too as the unit would still be under warranty


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            Maybe they ran it low on water and overheated it and fried the rings also. Maybe the warranty wouldnt cover it because the lack of proper maintenance. But with 94 hours shouldnt require very little maintenance. Even someone could have messed with it drained the water. Either way I would be afraid of it because it might be stolen.

            Dont force it, use a BIGGER hammer.

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              I'd say it's not a scam. If it is, it's a very well done one. Best way to avoid scams is to make sure you look at it in person, then write a check or get a money order and hand it to the owner. It's much harder to rip someone off in person than through the mail, especially if you've examined the goods.



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                Why not call the number??

                Call the number, see if he answers, if he does ask him for a serial number, call lincoln. See if its under warranty. Also as for water in the oil, I would bet either-it was froozen, IE sprung a leak in the summer, topped off with h20, and cracked the no warranty. Or could be head gasket, oil cooler, defective head, Anyhow I would check it out. If it was closer.
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                  The post looks legitimate. I agree it is worth taking a look. Why not call and go see the machine in person if you are really interested?

                  Good Luck,