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  • Big Problems Seeing

    Hay guys,
    I'm having a huge problem seeing the puddle on my cap, from the 3-9o'clock positions on a 6G pipe (2", wall doesn't matter alot but the test is a 120 wall pipe). I've got a miller elite hood so i don't think the hood is the problem. I'm gone try a halogen light in the booth tomorrow maybe it'll help. anybody got any thing else to try?

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    ive never had a problem seeing from 6 to 9 but from 6 to 3 i had problems so i learned to weld left and right handed. it helps alot on pipe. i was always switching hands. but it sounds like you need to lower the pipe down so you can it all from a knee or raise it up and do it all standing. or stand up as your going or kneel down as your going if your running down hill.
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      Current eye exam with a prescription for welding distances only?

      Tried different "cheaters"?

      Tried different fixed shade glass lenses including the gold and silver foil type in a conventional helmet?


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        Helps me...

        On 6g- I guess ya'll run stringer caps there...A buddy showed me something that made my caps so much better. Don't watch the puddle. You have enough experience that your rod angle will always be fine...don't watch the metal in front of or behind as much. Watch the bright yellow circle just off the tip of the rod, focus only on that, and splitting the line on the bottom bevel. After you've got your bottom stringer in, take a ******* file or a metabo and grind the top of the stringer until it is shiny. Now, let instinct take over again ( as far as travel speed and rod angle I mean) and hold the bright yellow circle just a lil high on that bright shiny line. When your focus is off of the puddle so much, the file or grinder line shows up beautiful, and it kinda goes along with aim small miss small with the gold light at the end of the rod. I've also seen guys drop to a 7 or 8 shade and wear really good sunglasses under their hood.


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          I don't think that it is ok to bleep out bastar^ in as used in bastar^ file on the miller website. lol


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            Be careful of the halogen light
            . I use one myself because I have the same problems you are describing. Access is not a problem, but seeing the puddle clearly is a different story. If the light is too close it will burn your eyes. You probably won't know it until you wake up the next day. I like to maintain a good 8 linear feet between the light and work piece.