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    I'm 19, been in the UA for 9 months now been practicing in UA 72 welding shop for the past 5 months for the UA 21/60. Im taking the UA 21 in the morning for my first union welding cert. the test will be visually and xray tested. This test is no joke UA 72 hall is one of the top four schools in the country and it is very hard to get a cert out of, if everything is not absolutely right or if something just doesnt look normal they will bust you out. I've had more then one journeyman in the UA with 35 years experence tell me this is the one of the hardest test in the UA to pass, and since the UA's standards are higher then most, that would mean this is one of the hardest test in the world. anybody got any tips?

    UA - 21
    120 wall carbon coupon 6G
    6010 root 7018 hot, fill, and cap

    UA - 60
    160 wall carbon coupon 6G
    6010 root 7018 out

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    Keep the joint clean and realy grind out ur root pass since the 7018 doesn't have the dig. Ive had to do this test many times for different jobs.


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      hey there brother. i'm a welder out of local 145 in colorado. i've got both the ua 21 and 60 along with some others. just be confident and take your time. they give you more than enough time to do it right so dont' rush yourself. be careful on your cap. nothing is more frustrating than busting out because your cap is to tall. always use a fresh rod, no restarts. be very careful with your arc strikes. if you have some hit them with your file right away and wire brush the **** out of em. o and don't point anything out to the atr. step out of the booth and let him look it over. from what i understand the golden certs are the ua 41 and 93. i just got the 41 which is a 2" sch. 80 309 tig in tig out. the 93 is your 9 chrome. working on that one now. to be honest the toughest test i've taken thus far has been the 73. the ua adopted it for bechtel. i guess that they are using it as there gate test now. it's a 6" sch. 80 flip flop. makes sense because you don't run into a whole lot of 6g welds in the field. sounds easy enough but if the width on your stringers doesn't match the width on your weave you bust out. took me twice. anyway good luck. just thought i'd share what helped me out.