All my welding career I have kept the golden rule of storing any low hydrogen rods in the oven or in a sealed container after opening a box. Why? To keep the moisture off the flux and preventing porosity from entering the weld puddle. Simple rule that should be observed right? Well after last weeks job I'm starting to wonder.
I had ignorantly left a box of 1/8 7018 open in my truck cabinet and after 5 days needed this rod for some 4" XXH flanges. It had rained for those previous 5 days and who knows how much moisture those rods picked up, but I was in a spot so, threw them in my 20lb rod oven for a few hours.
While they were "drying out" my helper and I tacked the 4"XXH flanges onto the vessel,preheated and welded them out. I watched for porosity on my starts and there was none. Xrays passed and I even asked the xray hand if there were was anything of mention on the film. "All clean" he replied.
So I guess my question is, despite the amount of time the rods were exposed to humidity, did the few hours at 250F in the rod oven make all the difference?