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1 to 3 foot diameter rings

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  • 1 to 3 foot diameter rings

    I am a beginning art welder. I need to figure out how to make or where to buy steel rings 1 to 3 feet in diameter rings from 1 to 2 inch tube or solid stock. I have a 16 ton tube bender but it will only bend to 90 degrees. Yes, I could make 4 90Degree bends and weld them together, but there must be a better way that would not have 4 welds


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    You need a ring roller to do those or find someone close that has one and have them roll you a few...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      i've used these people a lot over the years. they can provide most anything you need.

      this is a link to the elbow site. go to the home page and contact customer service.

      if you are into doing one/offs it's better to pay and use someone elses machines rather than have something sitting around collecting dust. just pay and mark it up.

      i have made rings buy buying two 180's/no extension and welding them together.

      if it's angle, look for a company that sells companion flanges for round pipe. sheet metal blowpipe.


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        Harbor freight has a roller for pipe/rod that sells for around 150..