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1 to 3 foot diameter rings

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  • 1 to 3 foot diameter rings

    I am a beginning art welder. I need to figure out how to make or where to buy steel rings 1 to 3 feet in diameter rings from 1 to 2 inch tube or solid stock. I have a 16 ton tube bender but it will only bend to 90 degrees. Yes, I could make 4 90Degree bends and weld them together, but there must be a better way that would not have 4 welds


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    You need a ring roller to do those or find someone close that has one and have them roll you a few...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      i've used these people a lot over the years. they can provide most anything you need.

      The Wagner Companies manufactures hand rail systems and parts. We aim to provide the the best product with superior performance. Learn more today!

      this is a link to the elbow site. go to the home page and contact customer service.

      if you are into doing one/offs it's better to pay and use someone elses machines rather than have something sitting around collecting dust. just pay and mark it up.

      i have made rings buy buying two 180's/no extension and welding them together.

      if it's angle, look for a company that sells companion flanges for round pipe. sheet metal blowpipe.


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        Harbor freight has a roller for pipe/rod that sells for around 150..