Like many I'm wrestling with which welder to purchase.

Based on what we use at welding classes and the reputation for parts and service, I'm leaning heavily toward Miller.

Used Syncrowave 250s and 200s seem plentiful at fair prices. $1400-$1600 depending on the unit and associated package. However, I really want a Dynasty (don't tell my wife). Unfortunately, used Dynasty 200s are relatively scarce, and cost significantly more especially new.

However, even if a used Syncrowave is a better price point, it doesn't matter if I can't power it.

The 100amp electrical box in my garage is serviced from a 250amp service from my house. Connecting the two is about 100yards of 6gauge. I have enough space in the 100amp box in my garage to add a 100amp breaker.

Can I reasonably power a Syncrowave? Or should I continue saving for a Dynasty and the more conservative power needs? Even though I doubt that I will often tap the potential of a Sync250 very often.

Admittedly, I'm hoping you will all tell me that I won't be able to power a Syncrowave and need to purchase a Dynasty (and wait for a larger budget).