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  • Millermatic 185 questions…

    I am new to mig welding and just picked up a used MM185. The welder is in really good shape, it’s just a little dusty from sitting around. The previous owner said he only had around 4 hours of total welding time on the machine. When I looked up the serial number it was manufactured in 2000. I have $500 in the welder and bottle after I sold off the spoolmate 185 that came with it. I think I got a good deal. I was going to get a MM212 but I could not pass up the deal on the mm185. From the research I did it looks like the MM185 is a solid machine and should be perfect for me to learn on.
    Now the questions…

    What size and kind of wire should I use? I plan on welding up to 3/8 but most of the time I will be welding 3/16 to 1/4. I think the M-15 gun is setup to accept .030 or .035 wire.

    What size and lb spool should I buy? From the research I did the MM185 has the weaker drive system and does not react well to the heaver spool of wire.

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    You got a good deal. I have over $2,000.00 in mine with a spoolgun and a couple of bottles. .030 solid wire is perfect for that machine. I run the 10 lb spools just so i don't wear it out but i have run bigger just fine...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      The Millermatic Calculator (at Resources above) says .035 will go from 20 ga. to 3/8".
      The MMC says that .030 will go from 22 ga. to 14 ga. @ 340 ipm, your MM185 goes to 795 ipm, so there is no reason the MM 185 could not do 5/16" with .030", and maybe more.
      At 3/8" the MM 185 is max out in amps.
      If you are worried about the weight of the wire get the 8'' rolls.
      Good Luck,
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        I have the MM185 and use only .030 solid wire, E70S-6, for everything from sheetmetal to heavy stock. I only run the 33 lbs. spools on it and have never had a feed problem. It is a nice machine and actually puts out more than the 185 amps that it is rated for. (Like any welder, you have to watch the duty cycle on it.) I have had mine for many years, and it still performs very well. Just an opinion, but I think you will regret selling the spool gun. It comes in handy, especially for doing Al. It is also handy for SS or Silicon Bronze for short runs, so you don't have to change out the main spool of wire. The spool gun also has a 25 ft. cable which gives it greater reach than the standard gun. Like I said, JMO.