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Welding mild steel to cast iron

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  • Welding mild steel to cast iron

    Has any one on here found a way to weld mild steel to cast iron?
    Trying to modify the intake manifold on a 170 Ford 6 cyl
    That is part of the cyl head casting..

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    Any cast iron rod will work with a stick machine. If you use mig there is a good cast iron wire that will work but its 75 bucks for a small spool...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      MG-289 is a good rod but its around $70 a pound.
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        I'm pessimistic you will get a good result.

        There are a lot of reasons; dissimilar metals, cast iron will generally have a large heat affected zone, the weld maybe in a stress area, subjected to heat and extreme cold (depending on where you live or drive), dynamic stresses and vibration.

        If it were the exhaust manifold it would be worse yet.

        If it is an easy to acquire/or common intake you can always give it a try but I would consider a pre and post heat followed by stress relief ( I would not perform the noble experiment on an expensive/rare manifold).
        So much depends on what you are actually trying to do; the size, thickness and configuration of the add on and a host of other contributing factors.

        Welding it is one thing; getting it to stay stuck in service is another.



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          If it isn't broken I would avoid messing with it and go for tasteful bolt-on mods.

          Weird hopups on old, now obscure, and slow-no-matter-how-much-cash-you-shovel-into-them engines are cool to look at, but if you can find one of the Australian heads with the removable intake you could swap it out with less suffering.

          If you have a spare head you could consider removing the whole log manifold with a bandsaw (leaving enough meat to machine flat later), and if there is enough meat left for gasket surface and bolts then fabbing an intake.

          This looks interesting, off a mystery marine engine that may be Ford. Maybe hunt marine forums to find an alternate cylinder head/manifold?


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            Going off knowing even back in the 50s exhaust manifolds were split and a extra pipe added.
            How it was done.
            I have 3 of these and and in the past sold them for scrap.
            I thinking of modifying the. Intake for a v8 size throtle body and 6 injectors
            Plus a turbo in my 69 Falcon


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              There are Honda and chevy ecotecc engines making a lot of power on boost.


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                Scrap iron now or scrap iron later..... I'm going to have some fun.


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                  Originally posted by sedalia View Post
                  Plus a turbo in my 69 Falcon
                  Can you say 5.0 in the '69 Just my thought..Bob
                  Bob Wright