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    Years ago, I was given 4 of those 300cuft CO2 tanks, and couldn't get them filled.
    They were 'left behinds' when the owners of the business where they'd been went to prison--
    for about a million years. At the time, selling cocaine paid better than welding.

    One of them I snuck in on a swap here at work where our company rents some tanks including a CO2 one... Now we got 2.

    2 of them I chopped in half, and made the top 3' & 4' parts into a gong/bell.
    These things sing a song you can hear for about a half a mile.

    The last one became the barrel for the bowling ball mortar ya can see in the projects section.

    I sort of wish I'd used one of the gong ones to make a horiz. BBQ grill.
    I've seen one crafted into what looks like a submarine.

    Just don't give it away, or get screwed out of it.
    If you want one to build a project with, (since they cost about $400 new)
    they're REAL hard to scrounge up.
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      I like the way Winger thinks....I need to find a project for this puppy!!!!


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        Originally posted by griff01 View Post
        They make great wind chimes. Seriously!

        Awwww no man....YARD CANNON!! (decorative only ofcourse)
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