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Millermatic 30E---Dialarc HF Incompatibility---Spoolmatic II

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  • Millermatic 30E---Dialarc HF Incompatibility---Spoolmatic II

    Just purchased a package deal of a Millermatic feeder/controller(30E) and a Dialarc High Freqency ARC/Tig welder. I wanted to upgrade to a 220 Volt MIG and liked the option to perform TIG capabilities as well.

    The DialArc HF does NOT have a foot petal and only a partial setup for the TIG functionality. The 30E feeder seems to work great.

    After some research I realize that the two units are incompatible; the DialARC HF is a constant current machine and the Millermatic needs a constant potential input.

    I also have a Miller 180 AC/DC ARC welder that I have been useing for about five years and a 110 volt MIG with sheilded gas.


    I am wondering if it would be best to upgrade my 180 stick welder with the DialARC HF. I am sure that I would have to spend another 400 or so to purchase the foot petal and the TIG assembly for the dialarc. I realize that I would have to run a larger power supply (mine currently is a 40 AMP cabability) as I understand the DialARC demands a lot of input). I have the heavy guage wire, it would merely be a labor job to upgrade it.

    I am also curious is the 30E has much value as it seems to be a decent design and from what I have read, they produced this unit for a bunch of years (60's-eary 80'). I am thinking it may be best to merely sell this then to locate and purchase a used base unit that is compatible.

    And, I am trying to figure how this unit
    is hooked up. It is the exact same base unit that I have, but the spool gun (spoolmatic II) is different. I am assuming there is some sort of converter or controller that modifies the constant current.

    Although I like the potential to TIG weld, my needs would be better served with a MIG setup.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.