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Dynasty 700 Advanced Wave Issues

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  • Dynasty 700 Advanced Wave Issues

    Is anyone else having an issue while running advanced wave with the 700? If I'm in Advance with an AC Freq higher than 275, I get a help 8 Code. This is the only waveform this happens with. I just want to see if this a common or rare problem before I contact a Tech.
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    Hard to say. likely there is a glitch with your programming might want to write down your settings and reset the machine.


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      Hi bishop0517,

      I have your little brother - Dynasty 350 and I have gotten a similar error message.

      I repositioned my leads and ground clamp location and after several tries, the error code went away.

      I was testing the frequency settings and was increasing them to see the effect it had when I got the error message.

      From what I have been able to read and research, when the frequency is increased, the cable insulation and ground placement becomes more critical and can wreak havoc on your tigging.

      I don't know what frequency the HF start runs at ( Cruizer?) but my guess is this also has an effect on insulation and cable placement.

      I use an insulation tester for neon work which emits a high frequency spark which jumps to any cracks in a cable insulation so I am guessing this "skin effect" may have a bearing on the error message

      In any case, I solved my error messages by lowering the frequency and also re-arranging my leads.

      With good placement of my cables, I can tig at 400 hz.

      hope this helps,
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