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Welder Repair shop seeking qualified factory service techs.

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    Good to go

    Sometimes it's hard to tell who's yanking your chain on these forums. Good luck to you.


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      syncrowave 250. no amp. control?

      I have a syncrowave 250.Try to tig with it but have no control of my amperage it max out. I have to run it off the panel. any ideas??? thanks


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        Originally posted by browniethewelder View Post
        I have a syncrowave 250.Try to tig with it but have no control of my amperage it max out. I have to run it off the panel. any ideas??? thanks
        Why are you digging up an old thread? never the less, check your Remote
        "C" to "D" must read around 1K ohm, "C" to "E" must vary between 1 ohm and 1K Ohm as the pedal is moved up and down.


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          One of my buds was moaning about money,,, million dollar mind 25 cents of real ambition,,, ha ,,, but I suggest he march down to the welding dealer or toss a sign out for machine repair at the place he works at now.

          I bought an 300 synch for 200$ with a foot pedal and set of service manuals, the guy that had it figures the freq not working right which was not the case, something on the AC output, anyway, score my bud into looking at it, 45 mins later hcomeses back toting a circuit board, I was pretty sure I was golden at that point, he wanders back in next weeksaysya it was a transistor that cost 50 cents at Radio shack, ha had one on his bench. I tipped him a hundred bucks.
          As for electricians,, I am a great installer, bareknownow an ohm from a watt and for the most part could care less, its too complicated. I know this, I know several masters with papers, one lives down the road,,, when I get a problem with controls, something with all that stuff in it, dozens or hundreds of wires, switches, boards, system stuff, heating or cooling equipment, I don't call any of them, tfurnacenas guy,,, etc, I call my TV repair bud, when I want to know aeliminateate the guessing he is 10 times the trouble shooter that a lot of them put together would be.


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            I came out of a Aircraft mechanics/avionics background,
            Me too (Broncos/Phantoms/F-16 A/B/C/D) and enjoyed it greatly both in-shop and flightline.

            What's a good "roadmap" to try for if I want to learn welder repair and get factory certs, and what are some examples of those?

            What test equipment do you use/recommend? I'm far away (SC) so I guarantee I won't poach any business!

            What information sources do factory techs have that "civilians" don't in terms of tech data, bulletins, etc?


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              Basically all you need is access to 3 phase power, a prefered Lincoln load bank, a fluke 123 scope and a fluke 87 meter. Plus you'll need an ok from the Lincoln and Miller rep to take the required courses. Or merely set up shop fixing welders. Only good thing about being certified is access to discounted parts. Not much $$ to be made on warrantees.

              And not difficult for me to send you the teck disks, since I don't use them anyways.


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                I'd appreciate any disks you'd care to send at your leisure.

                PM function barfed.

                Please email me at logisticslist61 AT yahoo DOT com.

                Thanks much!
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