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xr edge problem

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  • xr edge problem

    I have a xr edge push pull gun running off a xmt 456. the problem is after welding for a few minutes the wire seems to start melting and sticking in the tip. If I let it cool down it will work great for another few minutes. any help would be great.
    I"m running 035 aluminum wire at 150 amps.

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    You may have to up your gas flow. Not only does your shielding gas protect the weld it also cools the tip and gas cup. Is your gun air or water cooled.
    If water cooled check your flow through the gun. It may be restricted.
    I have even heard of a gun that had a home made water cooled nozzle added to it.
    You take a standard nozzle and wrap copper tubing around it solder it in place and connect it to a cooler.
    One other thing to try. check which size tip you are using. make sure it is sized for aluminum. AL tips have a larger hole than tips sized for steel. If you are using a 0.035 tip for steel, that is your problem.
    A 0.035 AL tip has almost a 0.045 hole. This allows for the AL wire to expand and not bind in the tip.
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      I have some tips on ebay and no one is biting on them. If you can use them give me a yell...Bob
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      Bob Wright


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        xr edge problems

        we are using the same tps that Bob has for sale, it's a air cooled gun. it will start sputtering if you stop soon snough you can pull the wire out and it's frosty colored were it was in the tip like it started to melt. running 25 cfm argon. is that gun to small?


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          Bob, how many tips do you have and what do you want for them?
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