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C-25 or Pure Argon Gas?

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  • C-25 or Pure Argon Gas?

    Hi all, I was wondering if its ok for me to weld TIG with C-25 Gas or use pure Argon Gas? I keep hearing that i can't use C-25 with TIG and that instead i need to use it with MIG. I need to know the difference with C-25 and pure Argon Gas. Does it matter the kind of steel i'm welding? Currently i'm using pure Argon Gas to weld and i find it cleaner to use. My boss wants me to use C-25 cuz its cheaper to buy. Please help guys. Apperently we have a guy that comes in here and there and knows a lot about welding. He stated that we rather switch to C-25 cuz its cheaper. Also added that its messy to use. Requires much cleaning. At Airgas i was told that i could not use C-25 with Tig. Oh brother!!!!!
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    Your boss is apparently NOT a welder, ARGON ONLY


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      Thank you for your advise.

      Thank you i really think he is very easily influence by others that know about welding.


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        Let your boss have a go at it with the mixed and let him make his own mind up.
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          Point the boss to the forum and let him read for himself. It's likely he's not going to take your word for it (if he's like most bosses). The only mix I have ever used in 30+ years TIG welding is Argon/Helium and only once or twice. Other than that it's straight Argon or Helium. I only use Helium on copper welding. For MIG welding there are all kinds of mixes depending on what type of welding you're doing. For general MIG work a 75/25 or 80/20 (which I use) Argon/CO2 mix works best. Straight CO2 can be used but it's not as effective as an Argon/CO2 mix is.
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            Originally posted by laresmojica View Post
            Thank you i really think he is very easily influence by others that know about welding.
            I really think he is very easily influenced by others that don't know about welding.
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