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Plasma cutting for tool steel

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  • Plasma cutting for tool steel

    Hi guys is it advisable to cut tool steel using plasma cutter? If not what can be an alternative solution. Thanks so much!!!

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    As far as just cutting it yes. As far as will it make the tool steel harder i don't know. Some tool steels have chrome in it so choose a respirator if needed...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I know that some knife makers cut their blanks with plasma and laser cutters. They usually cut them a bit oversize so they can grind out the carbon destruction along the perimeter.

      That was the answer I was given when I asked a few years ago.


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        Thanks guys! But will the heat coming from the plasma arc affect the metallurgical characteristics of the metal? I'm asking because the tool steel I'm referring to will be used for precision tooling bits. So it has a certain requirement for the characteristic of the metal.


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          Cut the parts a bit larger than you need, and remove the heat affected area to the appropriate shape/size with whatever shaping process you were planning to use.


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            Water jet

            If metallurgical requirements are critical, consider water jet cutting, will not create a heat affected zone.

            The other suggestion of removing the heat affected zone is also good.

            Or just anneal the material after plasma cutting.

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