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    The Test Is Over.

    I finally went to the place where I use to work in the winter (off season for me). They had 2 different air compressors, the kind you would see on a service truck.
    There was also one like I carried on my PU, but it would not start, so I could not compare it. I don't think it would have been much different.
    I used my test nozzle on both compressors, neither one of the 2 put out as much air as the 302 Air Pak.

    Now I'm pleased with the Trailblazer 302 Air Pak, it puts out more air than my old compressor (that is all I really wanted), plus 13000 watts of power, plus 12/24 volt battery charger, and is the best welder made. I've welded a total of 4" with it so far. The neighbor kid used the welder for 3 hrs., I told him it sure did a nice job of welding, he told me it's the weldor not the welder (Kids).

    I want to thank everybody for their help and input. I appreciate it very much.

    Good Luck,
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      I have owned my AirPak for over a year now and have never regretted the purchase. Was it a lot of money? Absolutly. Is it overpriced as a lot of non owners have complained? That's a decision each person has to justify in their own mind. For me, paid the bill and never looked back.

      My work is in heavy industrial manufacturing and construction. We may be doing structural steel one day, stainless or carbon steel piping the next, then throw in some manufacturing equipment repairs any time or day of the week. The ability to free up bed space, fuel and service one unit only, and have a dependable air supply was a no brainer for me. And only have to put up with the noise and associated vibrations from one unit running instead of 2 is a plus also.

      Thanks Miller for making a mini version of a machine I owned years ago, the Big Blue Air Pak. Now that is a monster of a machine.


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        I just wish it was a diesel.
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          Originally posted by Miller John View Post
          Just to clarify, this has been an extremely popular unit over the last 2 years. We talk to and visit customers that use the Trailblazer Air Pak every week and this is the very first time we've had anyone say that the Air output has not impressed them. Virtually all compressor companies rate air outputs at 68 degrees F and "stretch" the ratings with low duty cycles. We rate at 104 F at 100% duty cycles and underrate the compressor at that. If you havn't seen any in the field, try all the mines, railroads and service trucks that have put them on with great feedback and results. Even the workers with farm and construction applications have good success stories from running impacts to deck punching tools. Remember, sometimes when using the Air Pak to "blow stuff off", free air flow often exceeds 26CFM which does reduce operating pressure.

          We at Miller realize that this forum is for our valuable customers and partners in the welding industry, but the TB Air Pak has been so good and well recieved, I wanted to contribute to this conversation to help educate those who may want my 2 cents.

          Thanks as always for being so passionate and open with sharing your thoughts and comments.
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