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Diamondback Torch Leaking Blue Hose

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  • SundownIII
    The diamondback torches were made by Weldcraft.

    Just order the right length weldcraft water hose (rubber, hi flex) for the 20 Series torch.

    Pretty sure IOC or Cyberweld stock them.

    Might also want to order a few SS wire ties along with the hose. As well as I remember the Diamondback torch connectors were push on with wire tie vs the screw on type that Weld Tec uses.


    Cyberweld has what you need (Weldcraft part # 45V08R--25') for $66.11.
    BRWelding has the same 45V08R--25' for $59.00.

    Looks like the hose has screw connectors on both ends so you may not need the SS ties. Can't remember if my Diamondback torch (came with the Sync 250) has the screw on hoses (torch end) or not. I know the Weld Tech Speedway torches I use have the screw on connectors at the torch.
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  • Bob Miller

    Would it be possible to splice it or cut it off a little shorter, and put the old end back on the hose.
    I do that to my O/A torch hoses all the time. Those hoses are down to about 15' long now. Everytime they leak at the torch handle I cut off 6" and crimp on new fittings.
    I keep the cart close to my work.
    Good Luck,

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  • dmdrums
    started a topic Diamondback Torch Leaking Blue Hose

    Diamondback Torch Leaking Blue Hose


    We have a Miller Syncrowave 250 DX with the optional Tigrunner cooler. We are using the Diamondback Torch with this, but the blue cooling hose is leaking near where the line comes out of the Tigrunner cooler.

    Does anyone know how I might get a replacement hose for this? I don't know a lot about welding equipment, so I'm really hopeful that someone who does might be able to help!

    I called one place, who said the Diamondback was discontinued and I have to buy a whole new torch, hoses, etc... Does this sound right?

    Thanks so much!!