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help ! cracked boom

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    Cracked BOOM

    I did one back in October that runs a rock hammer all the time, It was cracked right at the lift pin on the boom it came across the top and full depth of the boom I gouged it out 3/4" wide and right down until it was paper thin I used 11018 on it with a nice weave to fill it up flush with the base metal!!
    some pre-heat and it has never moved or failed.
    Customer was very happy as I was the third fellow to come and fix this same crack now I get all there field repairs!
    Long story short bit of preheat and some 11018 along with gouging out the crack and should be good to go!


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      Daniel, it was 5 years ago that I did that job, trying to recal the exact spec of steel. Think it was A572 Gr 50 or Gr 55 for all of the pieces. The original bosses were reused and align bored as needed. We used Lincoln's Ultracore 75A85 wire in 1/16" for all welds. As far as I know, 5 years later it is still going strong.


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        If you can get your hands on some Arctec 223 for stick welding, or Arctec FC-222 for self shielded wire (in 1/16"). Works great for equipment repairs.
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          Defenetly agree with wronghand you cant go wrong with 223xc and as far as wire goes dualshield is great in the shop and pretty much usless out in the feild. Selfsheilded wire is the way to go in the feild anyways.


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            Excellent pictures CNSLMVA !

            I love seeing broken and then fixed pictures like this. Excellent way of documenting the repair and very informative to those who havent done repairs of this type!
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