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Ideas for tubing alignment clamps??

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  • Ideas for tubing alignment clamps??

    I need to put together some eshaust headers and have seen a lot of neat clamps to be used for alignment when putting the set together, which are then left in place for tacking. The problem is that the are pretty darned expensive, especially if they will only be used on rare occasions and then they are only for specific sizes such as 1 3/4 or 1 5/8 or 2 inch and can't be used on other sizes.

    I am thinking of making some for my own use and have two ideas, one using short pices of angle iron tacked onto some Ho Chi Minh Frieght vise grips and the other using some band clamps like for radiatior hoses with some short pieces of tubing or angle iron. either could be made with spaces lect open where a guy could tack the tubes together after alignining everything and then tightening it all up.

    I think either of those would work, but don't want to be re-inventing anything here....What sort of ideas have any of you found that worked well to align and then tack tubing? (1 5/8 inch OD, 18 ga. in my case) I would really like to hear (or see...please post pictures!) any ideas or clamps that you have come up with to do that.
    Don J
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    Yo look the videos:


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      I used the "C" grip pliers from Vicegrip, take off the pads and weld on short pieces of angle, makes them adjustable from 1" to 3", I used them on dairy tubing to hold it in alignment till I could get it tacked.
      mike sr


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        strong hand tools

        Here I use strong hand tools pipe pliers sometimes.
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          Have a look at trick tools or Van Sant enterprises for a pipe positioner. I got one and it is capable of setting the pipe at any angle and holding it while it is tacked or welded in. They have a selection of em as well as some different sizes too.


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            I like to keep things simple so I took a hole saw and modified several clamp type exhaust clamps for a recent 33 Ford exhaust project.
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              Very nice - innovative solution and cheaper I am sure.
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                Originally posted by Showdog75 View Post
                I like to keep things simple so I took a hole saw and modified several clamp type exhaust clamps for a recent 33 Ford exhaust project.
                Nice work. Got any more pics of the '33 Ford?..Bob
                Bob Wright


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                  That's cool!