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Smaw horozontial e6011 lap joints 1/4x2x6

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  • Smaw horozontial e6011 lap joints 1/4x2x6

    Some one please help any advice will be greatley appericated.sorry i know i cant spell. Anyways i have moved onto the e6011 lap joints in the h position and i am having so much trouble with it. In the flat position was easy but now that its up in the testing stand its a new animal it feels like. My requirements are to make it ofcourse sound and slightly concave but as well as no step to fill the edge over. But i cant seem to keep the weld from being convex and having undercut.i am new to this and its smaw by the way.thanks for your time

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    Slow down your travel speed a little. Make sure you have the right angle on your rod and short arc.


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      i have tryed and when i slow down it appears to lose uniform and then i get these huge wagon wheels as my professor calls them?