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  • spray arc ?

    i went to a job interview the other day and they asked if i did spray arc welding , ive heard of it but never done it before , so they had me take a couple welding tests doing spray arc and it was super easy and kinda fun ,, so what im wonder is can i spray arc with my mm252 ? and how would i need to set it ?

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    your 252 will spray. you need at least 85/15 gas preferably 90/10. depending on the metal thickness you have to crank your volts and wire speed up.
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      Got to the top of the page and click on the Resources tab.

      Look for Miller's offer for their "Student Pack".

      It's $25 including shipping. Order it. Best $25 you'll ever spend on welding.

      Has an excellent Tig Handbook, a GMAW Handbok, a GMAW-P Handbook, and a bunch of other useful goodies (like welding calculators).
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        The Calculators that SundownIII refers to have spray arc settings.
        Good Luck,
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          Theres 3 different modes of transfer with Mig. Short circuit, globular and spray. Basically what's happening with Spray is the wire is melting before it contacts the plate and "sprays" onto the metal and wets in. In a normal short circuit setting, the one your used to, the wire actually contacts the plate, shorts out and melts into the plate. Spray needs a more Argon rich shielding gas to function. This is also done at much higher heat settings with thicker material.