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Is there a direct fit spool gun or push pull I can use

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  • Is there a direct fit spool gun or push pull I can use

    I have a Maxtron 450 and an s-64m feeder. I was wondering if there is a spoolgun or pushpull I can use with this setup without a huge investment. If there is something I could use I would like to know so I can start looking for deals online. Any help would be appreciated.

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    You'd need an XR control unit. There is nothing that would adapt to your exsisting setup.


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      Oh well, guess I wont be doing any aluminum for a while. Thanx for the reply.


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        Well, you can use a WC-24 and a 30A gun for simple spoolgun work, but a push pull will require the XR unit


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          I was hoping for a cheaper option. I have seen a couple ebay listings lately that said they were running either spool guns or "aluminum mig guns" (that appeared to be push pull guns) on older miller feeders. Oh well, glad I asked. Thanx again.


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            Just had a brain fart, Binzel does have a pull unit that direct fits your feeder. I just remembered it as we were playing with the unit a bunch of years ago trying to refine it.