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    Anybody got any tips for focusing on welding? l'm in the process right now of getting my UA 60 cert (6010 root 7018 out 160 wall carbon pipe) for the ATL hall. One of the hardest test in the world. I'm having problems with my mind wondering while welding causing me to make stupid little mistakes. Can anyone help i know thiss is a strange question but please help thanks

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    Maybe your not mature enough or don't have any responsibilities to worry about. I think your mind would be in a different place if you had a wife and or child(ren) to support.


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      meditate on the puddle for a few minutes before welding.... owmmm, owmmm. Only then can you become a master welder. HAHA, sorry had to say something... It helps me to play music I like just to have some noise other than the constant mono tone of the welder but not sure if this is possible during the test, during practice it may help. Try one earbud and an mp3 under the helmet.