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Miller Cricket 115V and aluminum radiator repair

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  • Miller Cricket 115V and aluminum radiator repair

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and to welding (for the most part). I have a 94 Honda Accord with a crack in the top of the radiator where one of the support brackets has come loose. I have a Miller Cricket 115volt welder and I'm wondering if I can use it to make this small aluminum weld? (doesn't have to be pretty). Any suggestions on what kind of welding wire to buy (brand, size, thickness, etc)? Thanks in advance. Jason

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    If its just a bracket, I tend to use "The right stuff" silicone, If its leaking, then I'd just go to a wreckers and replace it.


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      Good luck with that setup. We had a 120v Cricket at work set up for alum why i don't know but the wire and gas might cost more than a used radiator and it sure would be a lot less hassle. But it could be done if you get it real clean and anti freeze thats coated inside doesn't bubble out and mess up your weld...Bob
      Bob Wright

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