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Is 6g pipe worth it?

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  • Is 6g pipe worth it?

    Im 20 years old and taken welding courses at the college of the canyons and ive heard that being able to weld 6g you can make up to 100k a year but is it worth it any 6g welders here? If not please give me some suggegstions while im young and have the ability to change career paths. Thank you kindly i can be reached at 6614142079 txt or email at [email protected]

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    Thats your choice. I did the job for years and know you can make 100 grand plus and gave it all up for a normal job with weekends off...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      a 100 grand is possible, BUT you must be willing to travel, work 7 days a week for weeks in a row and live out of motels or travel trailers. After 20 years of it I do my own thing now and sleep in my own bed.
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        Yup! It's worth it..

        I'm currently hooked up with a company who does it now and it's quite an experience.
        you don't have to make a career out of it, try it for a while and you'll get INSTANT street cred. It's hard work but makes YOU more versatile.
        Good luck in your endeavors!
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          What everyone else said. Welding 6g does not mean you make 100k a year, and you probably wont make that right out of school. But 100k a year as a welder mean long days and lots of them. But you can be pretty sure that even going to work at a shop that does pipe you will be required to do a 6g test. So to learn how to do it and do it well can never hurt you. But if you decide to be a welder keep in mind when you get out of school you dont know everything, and to listen to anyone willing to help. I started welding when i was 20 as well, never when to school so i learned everything i know from the guys who did it every day. I am now 26 and still learn something or try to learn something every day. Most times your best teacher is the guy working right beside you.
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            Yup, 100K+ is easy to get if you are willing to work 12 hr days 7 days a week for 4 to 6 months at a time without a break. You will be in a combat zone, living in a tent and putting up with some stuff, but it pays that and more. I did it for 2 years in Iraq and Afghanistan but it was a tough life on the good days and sucked worse than you could imagine on the bad days. Capitalize in every opportunity and expand your skills at every chance and an opportunity like that may come your way one day too. The key is being ready and being able to act when the chance comes along. My advice is get some skills, and a little more experience and then start looking around for overseas opportunities if thats what you are interested in.


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              Education & experiance are never a bad thing. If your already doing a welding class get a handle on it be cause it can't hurt and will only open more & new doors for you to pick and choose where or where not you want to be.
              An old boss told me once, learn all you can, once you know it they can never take it from you or what's in your brain.
              Great luck to you