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How to quote installation job for solar panels per watt?

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  • How to quote installation job for solar panels per watt?

    Im bidding for a solar farm but just the solar panel infrastructure. Someone told me that 30 cents per watt for materials and 35 per watt for labor any suggestions?????

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    Sounds great to me considering there is no info.
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      Hey guys,
      Yup, also sound like someone needs to do some homework.....

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        For a house installation it sounds in the ballpark to me, I know nothing about Farm installation. I would price based on materials and estimated labor. Also, are you installing the wiring? consider that a solar farm would have long runs of large gauge wire ($$$$)


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          Here is something to think about. Once you have installed solar panels on the roof of a home how do you repair the roof when it comes time??

          Does the roof last longer?
          Do the panels just flip up or come off?
          Will they be easy to unplug?