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  • Aluminum Welding Wire

    What Brand aluminum welding wire do you think is the best ?
    And what makes it the best ?

    I recently tried Crown and I had trouble with feeding through my push pull gun.
    Has anyone had a feeding issue caused by poor wire ?

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    need a base line info first!

    What is the welding machine? what kind of gun are you using? What is the Alloy of the wire and the dia.? The first thing I look for is liner problems, bad tip and feed rolls.
    If it is a spool gun I go for the tip bore maybe bad or too small.remember the tip will swell as it gets hot. too tight of a tip pinch the wire as your weld time increases. If you are using a Push-Pull look for a Stall factor on the power Source. Your owners manual will cover the how to set it. if you have any more question pls email me



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      Aluminum Welding wire

      I found my feeding proublem already it was the brand of welding wire when I switched to a different brand it feeds fine.

      I just wanted to know if anyone prefers a certain brand. Or if any one had a wire feeding proublem that was related to a certain brand of wire.
      I had the proublem when I was using Crown brand wire.


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        MAXAL of course

        Watch the scroll on the right


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          There are only 3 real aluminum manufacturers in North America, and depending on how they draw their wire it can differ in Mag content which does change how the wire feeds.


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            I switched all of my alum wire to Crown Alloys. I have used about 20 brands over the last 30 years and now its gone and i went with the Crown because its reasonable priced and easy to get in my one welding store town. I had some feeding issues with my last wire but it was old stock and the wire was breaking instead of unwinding nice but its gone and Crown is in my gun now...Bob
            Bob Wright