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WooHoo! I got a new toy today!

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  • WooHoo! I got a new toy today!

    I ordered a MillerMatic 211 last week and it finally came in today, WOOHOO! I haven't had time to play with it yet though. But, I have got it setup. My dad gave me a 30' piece of 10ga wire and I bought male and female plugs for both ends to make a nice long, 230V extension chord. I got a tank, a new set of gloves, a 12lb spool of wire and a free welders cap with it, too. I need to get a cart made for it, I'm really liking the shopping cart ideas that I have seen in the projects forum. Now, I just need to snag me a cart. I've also got a welding table I'm working on too.

    Now I have an excuse to get more projects finished. (Welding cart and table, plasma cutter cart, 55gal drum bbq grill, custom mount to put tow hooks on the front of my truck, redo the front door gate on my house, build window bars and whatever else comes along).
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    I'm a long-time Tig guy (LOVE my Maxstar 200dx), but I have been wishing to be able to buy a 211. Maybe with my new job this year'll be the year.

    Contrograts on YOUR 211.
    Miller Maxstar 200 DX
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    Miller Syncrowave 180 SD
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      Congrats on the new toy, you will simply love it.

      Miller 211 A.S. and Spoolmate 100
      Stickmate LX 235 AC / 160 DC.
      Clarke 180 EN Just in case
      Spectrum 375 X-Treme.
      O/A Medium Radnor Torch, Large Victor Torch.
      Milwaukee 14" Chop Saw.
      4 x 6 Horizontal Band Saw.
      Rockworth 80 Gallon 2 Stage 16 SCFM @ 175 PSI , 15 SCFM @ 90 PSI.
      Jackson Passive shade #5 for the plasma.
      I almost forgot the Hobart XVP AD Hood.

      Projects and Misc Albums Feel Free to Have a Look ( Just keep in mind I am an amateur )


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        Have fun with it! Its a great machine. I'm coming up on the two year mark with mine and its been perfect!
        Miller 211
        Miller Diversion 180
        Hypertherm Powermax 45
        Miller Spoolmate 100
        Miller 30FX Arcstation


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          I should recieve my MM211 and Spectrum 875 today too!!! House rewired and ready to build some BBQ Pits Here is a pic of the pit I biult a few months back


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            Thanks for the complements guys, I used it yesterday, to build a custom tow hook mount for my truck. I love my 211, its great. I grew up with a harbor freight 110v fmaw, but its no comparison to the 211.

            Greenshovel, you will love the 211. That 875 will be great too. I have a Spectrum 2050, the predecessor to the 875, its a monster compared to the size of the 875. Nice grill, BTW!
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