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Lap weld stainless steel sheet

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  • Lap weld stainless steel sheet

    Hi all.
    I am new to this forum. Thanks for having me.
    I am fabricating a filleting table for filleting fish outside.(to avoid a divorce...) Using 1.2mm 304 sheet for the project.
    I have welded the one side of the basin to the table (lap), but found that the sheet distorts a lot.

    Any tips on what to do and what to avoid?


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    Wow man. That sounds expensive to replace at today's prices. Regardless of process it sounds like you are getting too much heat. Maybe because you are running one continous bead. Try running short stringers. By the way I've never seen a lap joint require the kind of heat that a corner joint ofr fillet has to have. Just my .02.

    We need some more info. Do you have a picture. What process are you using? What color is the weld and the metal adjacent to it?

    I assume you are using TIG and running a small diameter tungsten and filler rod. I ain't going to take much to warp 1.2mm SS out of kilter and /or burn through. Let us know.

    Good Luck

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      You know...

      I was just think about your comment "to avoid a divorce". Perhaps a wooden picnic table is the best filet table (just kidding). I used and old plastic cooler for years (when I had a truck and bass boat b4 the divorce). I was married to the same woman almost 21 years before the awful nasty divorce.

      Good luck on your SS table.

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        I know it doesn't help the project much but I picked up a 60"x30" stainless prep table from a restaurant for 20 bucks. I travel around town alot for work so I always have my eyes peeled. I have also found them cheep at the restaurant supply stores in the used section.

        This is the one I got for 20 bucks and altered it so that it had a 24" table and a 6" back splash. I only have about 30 minutes tig time under my belt but got it done with decent results.

        Maybe something to think about for the future.

        Good luck and I will watch for further instruction since I will someday need one with a sink cut into it.

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