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Miller Spoolmate 185 pops CB2

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  • Miller Spoolmate 185 pops CB2

    Looking for input on a problem that just cropped up. I have a Millermatic 185 with the Spoolmate 185 gun, mid-1990s purchased new. While using the spoolgun, stitching on steel plate, CB2 popped sometime after I released the trigger. Reset it and it ran for a bit then popped again, this repeated with a shorter interval a couple times then I stopped and checked the machine. Tried again and I could here that electric growl sound contactors like to make when they are struggling. The main gun works just fine, only a spoolgun issue. Any of you had something similar? Local shop wants the whole unit to send in on a repair slip, I can't really afford to lose it like that, and the cost would likely slap me hard. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I don't have the problem, but have the same setup. Checking the schematic, the only things that can trip CB2 are CR1 relay which is activated by either the standard MIg gun switch or the spool gun switch, the Gas valve (GS1), or the main contactor (W). I would pop the cover and see if any of those are "humming". A place to start anyway.


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      I have the same setup also. Make sure the trigger wires in the gun are OK. Every now and then mine come loose. Make sure one of them isn't pinched in the plastic side cover...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Got it!

        aametalmaster & GerryR: Thanks guys, you nailed it. I opened up the gun case and checked the trigger wires, found a black spot on the white wire where it routed over the drive motor, careful probing found a small hole, splitting the insulation revealed blown strands inside. The black wire wasn't as tough to figure out, insulation was worn thru and pretty much all the strands were blown. Also found the red and green wires to the drive motor had cracked insulation. Did a little surgery, solder spliced in new wires from the strain-relief up, heat-shrinked, and it's good to go. Worked perfect. Disappointed in the response from the local shop, it's where I have bought all my equipment and they seemed like they knew their stuff. When asked about this, silence then 'I have no clue how that stuff works, have to send it in on a ticket to Miller'. Thus I turned to this forum for some advice. I appreciate the responses. I took a couple pics to show what I found:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Spoolgun drive wires cracked insl.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	Spoolgun Trigger Wires Shorted_small.jpg
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          Thats what us forum menbers are here for and Welcome to the group...Bob
          Bob Wright