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Bobcat 250 vs 225

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  • Bobcat 250 vs 225

    What are the main differences?

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    Spenser -- Check the Miller website and use the compare feature for these two units. This should provide you with that information.

    Miller Bobcat 225


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      what about the 250 makes it capable of fluxcore?


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        The 225 is also "capable" of flux core but the 250 is "designed" for flux core per the product literature most likely due to its higher amp/weld voltage capacity.
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          In addition to the items listed on the web site that the guys referenced, the Bobcat 250 Stick welds better, especially with 7018 electrodes. It also has considerably more CV output for running wire: 275 amps at 25 volts versus the Bobcat 225 which is 200 amps at 20 volts. The quality of weld output to run wire on the Bobcat 250 is a lot better as well. As duaneb55 stated, it's the difference between capable of and designed for.

          My money would go towards the Bobcat 250 every time when comparing the two.
          Have a great day!

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