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Cutting cast iron

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  • Cutting cast iron

    Anyone have any advice on cutting cast iron with oxy/acetelyne. Material is approximately 2" thick. Thank You

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    Never had a good outcome doing that..


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      Assuming you are scrapping...

      The Linde handbook from 1946 refers to the term "flux cutting" where a steel welding rod (knock the flux off an old stick rod or whatever) is fed into the cut to introduce slag into the cutting process. As the steel melts and is blown through the cut it helps the result mimic that of cutting steel.

      I haven't tried this, so post results if you do.

      Military pub description:


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        Don't even bother trying O/A cause it won't work! A plasma will though, and if i remember correctly, I think chamfering rods will as well, but that won't likely be too pretty when you are finished


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          have you tried a carbon arc torch, or as previously posted the champher rod


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            What are you cutting , and is it a demolition job?

            Hello, saw this post and had to comment. What are you cutting thats cast that thick? and, are you scrapping it or intending to actually do something with it or repair it? Oxyacetylene and most other commonly used methods will give you a very terrible outcome in terms of quality cut. The suggestion of plasma might be the best process. I have cut fairly heavy cast using the good old arcair slice torch , but you will have a very ******* cut that isn't good for much other than demo or scrap work. Have you considered sawing it , either with reciprocating saws or maybe a large band saw depending on what and how big it is? Most hot cut methods will totally destroy the properties of the cast. If its demo work id use the slice torch or the airarc wearing lots of leather and staying clear of the jet stream of molten metal
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