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miller xmt 300 cc tig dc 1994 era

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  • miller xmt 300 cc tig dc 1994 era

    thanks! is this machine worth investing in a foot controller aprox.. 200$ torch set up 220$ adapter for gas 70$ misc???.they have come along way since this machine was built and from what i have heard they are vastly more user friendly these days .as a green horn i have only sticked with this machine .its great! for that .never tigged before and the learning curve is part of the fun.will i be pulling my hair out with this set up ? or should i spend some semi serious dough on a dynasty or something ??? any help would be soooooo appreciated. xmt 300 cc dc inverter.

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    Many that know these machines (the 300 that is) say that if they ever experience a major board failure that they're not worth the $$ to fix them and from what I've heard of the board costs, you can find better used machines.

    That being said, if yours is working fine and you do invest in the remote control, torch and other accessories to get you started with TIG and the machine does die on you down the road, all that stuff can be used on many other Miller machines that you could replace the 300 with.
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      Just an FYI, you can keep an eye on e-pay and find the stuff remarkably cheaper. I think I paid $70 for my pedal, $26 for the torch adapter (though likely different from yours its miller retail was $125ish), the torch I already had, but have been seeing them selling for $75-$125.


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        xmt 300 cc

        thanks so much!!!!! when the day comes that i get something much better i am wondering if the foot controller will be a N/A and if the torch has a finger control also that also may be a N/A also?i am taking a class now where you are suppose to bring a project and ask questions latter.i often seem to have curve ball questions.the teachers eyes glaze over when i ask about things that are not in a nice tidy father in law past away and i inherited some great stuff.xmt 300 cc-- lincoln ac/dc arc 200+- a buffet of gas tanks and hardware asset.. and i went and bought a millematic 180 with a spool gun for aluminum etc.i am a general contractor and i have been drooling over welding for a long time and i am exited to really get with it.thanks so much .any general insight about the xmt 300 is soo appreciated.


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          Foot Control Compatibility miller xmt 300 cc CV TIG

          What model number foot control would be compatible with this machine?


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            Foot Control for XMT 300 CC CV

            would any 14 PIN miller foot control be compatible with this machine?