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torquing stainless steel bolts

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  • torquing stainless steel bolts

    Did a torque inspection on about 100 bolts today. All the carbon steel checked out ok. The stainless steel not so. Nearly all out of 30 or so were loose. This was obviously embarrasing for the boilermakers. Now they are tight because I watched them do it. Assuming they did it right the first time, why would the stainless loosen?

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    1. Was anything like thread lock or non-seize used on the threads?
    2. What type of torque wrench (beam or clicker) was used on the bolts?


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      There was anti-seize applied to the bolts. A clicker type torque wrench was used


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        SS has a much larger coefficient of thermal expansion than steel. Heating and cooling can easily loosen bolts. I always try to use tie wire or castle nuts to lock them down.
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          You might want to ask this question to "ARP". They make a line of automotive fasteners that are stainless.

          If I recall, their 12-point head bolts do in fact have a hole drilled through them for safety wire.

          Also, might want to look at this:

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            Originally posted by Azphiks View Post
            There was anti-seize applied to the bolts. A clicker type torque wrench was used
            Were any or all of the bolts in blind holes?
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