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    Hay fellas got a question for yall, any of got any tips for runnin a 6010 root? I'm trying to pass the UA 60 test in atl and its kickin my azz i practice 5 & 6g mostly on 4" since thats whats giving me the most problems. I've beening trying to perfect the "C motion" using a C pattern on about 50 amps with a 1/16 land and a 3/32 gap any tips? very very appreciated

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    up or down? what size rod?
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      uphill progression (no pipeline) 1/8 rod


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        If using a 3/32 I make a 3/32 gap and landing. If I use 1/8 I'll make a 3/32 to 1/8 landing and a 1/8 gap all with a 37.5 degree bevel or 75 degree included angle.
        But eveybody is different.


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          Keyhole getting out of control?

          Put some more land on it, you can blow threw a heavy land, but you can't do anything with a gap and a light land.... except undercut the ID.
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            If uphill progression on 4" sch.40 in the 6G with 1/8" I use 3/32" land, 3/32" gap and 80-90 amps set on the machine. Use a "whipping" or stepping motion, no "c"s. Start at the 7 o-clock position and weld to the 12 o-clock. Grind tie-ins and then start at the 5 o-clock, weld up and tie in about 12:30
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              use a clear lens for your gap,tack top and bottom. Feather your tacks down,when you start keep your rod at the same angle as the pipe and push your rod in thr bevel, it will work out fine. Let me know if it worked and if you have any more question,ive ran alot of beads on the pipeline for years