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BobCat Problems, Looking for the Crusier.

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  • BobCat Problems, Looking for the Crusier.

    AWS forum referred me here. I have a gentleman selling a non-working Bobcat with 639 hours on it. His comments to me are as follows: He started welding in his cold gargae, did not think anything else was plugged in. Then his big air compressor kicked in, his arc went way down and then there was a buzzing sound. Motor works fine but no welding capability. Feels he overloaded it. He says he put a meter on the machine and there was nothing comming from the armature(no voltage) so he figures its the rotor, and parts not obtainable any more. He says he did not go into the machine. I'm an older welding student, trying to pick up some good used equipment to put together a small repaior shop after graduation. I'm on a very limited budget. I have a feeling this might not be an expensive fix. Your thoughts please.

    Dave in Iowa

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    Likely merely popped a fuse under the top cover, might cost a buck to repair.
    You'll have to remove the top cover to get at them, there are 2 small fuses, though only 1 is likely blown.