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Syncrowave 200 control problems

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  • Syncrowave 200 control problems

    I have a 5 year old Syncrowave 200, and over the last year and a half I've experience intermittent to now permanent malfunctions. Earlier (after warranty expired) I got the Help-11 screen, and I traced that down to 'tin whisker' problems whereby I fixed it by running a heat gun over the board. I did that mainly because I'm familiar with the problems associated with no lead solder, and I could see actual whiskers growing from the solder points.

    That worked for about a year, and now my problem is nearly the same, but not quite. The welder works nearly OK in DCEP, where anything above 15A gives me a nice steady arc, below that it cuts in and out. In AC, the welder will strike and arc and immediately lose control and jump to 300+ amps and defaulting to a help-11 or help-1 screen. And any time it's set to DCEN, the help-11 screen is always shown.

    Any ideas on this situation? I doubt it's the pedal since it works ok in DCEP, and the same situation occurs when in SMAW mode. Nothing is obviously shorting or showing any signs of burning/contact throughout the welder. My power source is clean with ~230VAC, and my MIG 210 and Plasma cutter work just fine plugged into the same outlet. I ran through all the troubleshooting advice in the manual to no avail, as well as what advice I could find on here.

    I will probably upgrade to an older larger TIG, but for now I'd like to fix the problem considering how few hours I've actually put on the machine (~75).

    Thanks for any help

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    You need to take the machine to a Miller repair facility. Now ASAP.

    Makes me upset about your story because I just bought one of the 200 Syncrowave machines.
    Unfortunately I sold my VERY reliable non digital Syncrowave 250.

    What is the serial number of that machine????

    I hope I am not sorry I bought this new technology with the digital button syncrowave 200.
    When I bought one of the first XMT304's it failed completely at one year and one month and the warranty was only ONE YEAR!!! But the good news is Miller fixed my machine for free! It did cost me gas and bridge toll fees both ways, and 3 days lost work. The technician told me that a screw had come loose from the circuit board and ruined some components. They also upgraded other parts that were known to fail.
    I immediately sold that machine. I took very good care of my machine and it was on the job site and never driven around in a truck during that one year period, and that circuit board screw still came loose.

    Now I have been told that the new inverter machines are much better and do not fail as often.

    I still do not trust some of this new technology because as long as computers keep failing, I know the welding machines will fail too.
    It is NOT ok for your car to just quit because of a computer box. IT can get you killed. But the younger generation of people think failure is ok.

    Remember when the first ELECTRONIC Bosch fuel injection was introduced and VW's failed. Then they made the "new" LHM fuel injection for VW. The LHM stood for "Limp home mode" Not kidding.

    So if you can get a Syncrowave 250 I would do it.
    The analog one with dials, not buttons.
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      I'd go with:

      a) corroded molex connectors, remove, dielectric grease and reinstall plugs
      b) weak selector switch
      c) corroded connector on Hall device, do same as (a)
      d) failed control board


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        Did a little more trouble shooting and it looks like it thinks it's in DCEP mode regardless of where the selector switch is set. It gives no indication that I switched modes, but when I switch to DCEN it knows something is wrong and throws up the Help-11 code.

        The switch feels good and solid when I turn it, and the contacts look ok, so short of taking that apart I can't guess any further.

        I also overstated the run hours. It only has 15 hours total.

        Don, the SN is LG080071L.