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    I have a small welding business mostly repairing dozers,backhoes etc. I have a bobcat 250 a mm210 with spoolgun and a sync 200. This is more of a side job right now. i got a few repeat clients. i do light aluminum work in my shop right now but im starting to get people needing me to come to them for there aluminum work handrails boatdocks and marine towers mostley. ive only used a sync 200 and 250 before. was woundering what would be a good set up for the equpiment i have.A hf box or a small inverter upgrade my portable any info would be greatfull. I know i will get some good advice from people who do this everyday than a sales guy from the welding supply. Thank you

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    My 200DX Dynasty has been wonderful for everything that has come my way so far. It is a little light in the pants for heavy tuna tower work but you can cheat a little if this is only occasional[argon/helium blend].
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      I second Showdog's recommendation.

      If the alum work you do is 1/4 inch and under, the DX200 is amazing. Along with mixing some helium into the argon, a gas lense helps with gas coverage.

      The aircooled torch that comes with the contractor kit works pretty well, and you can get extensions for it. I use a finger wheel for the amp control, and if the extensions are in order, you can resort to lift/arc.
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