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Bobcat 225 diesel ?

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  • Bobcat 225 diesel ?

    I am going to look at a used bobcat 225 diesel tomorrow the guy wants 800 but said it doesnt run. Is there anything to look at for a quick fix or to be scared of? What does a rebuild kit cost for this unit and are they worth rebuilding? thanks

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    Those old Bobcat 225 diesels were made by Ruggerini and supported by Duetz. Now, the Ruggerini and Lombardini engines are supported by Kohler. I believe you can find the engine manuals for that engine on Kohler's web site. Although Kohler supports that engine, it's unlikely that their dealers know anything about it, but they should be able to find out and answer any of your questions. You now know everything that I know - I wish I knew more

    Unless you need a diesel, I'd look for a used gas Bobcat.

    Good luck!
    Have a great day!

    John Leisner
    Product Manager
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

    Owner and user of:
    Trailblazer 302 and Legend 301
    Smith Dual Guard oxy-fuel system
    Various borrowed Millermatics and Spectrums.


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      Pass on that little diesel,

      A) Its extremely loud when it is running, wear double earplugs
      b) $800 for a dead machine is WAYYYY too much anyways
      c) Rebuild cost just for the engine will exceed your initial cost
      d) You don't even know if the welder itself works. which may cost you more

      Not a very popular machine, and not to reliable, as it tended to shake the heck out of the welder components.


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        I totally agree with cruizer, Take a pass.

        If you like to tinker than offer $ 200.00 and tinker away.

        If you need to start on a project then buy one that runs.