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    Hi there.
    I wish to know if anyone has any insight concerning an old stick machine that I just brought home. I have checked the manual list. They show an M180, and an M180P and neither manual shows the two outside terminals that are on this machine. This machine has a red and a black terminal on the outside of the three standard AC terminals; (Low, High and Work). But there are small labels that someone added later that indicate negative and (I assume) positive. I am interested in getting into this old puppy, but with school going, this will be a slow moving project at best! Anyway, if anybody has any light to shed, I would be grateful.
    Thanks, Danny.
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    When you get inside you'll probably find a PO added a rectifier to provide DC Danny.
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      That is my guess as well Duane. The thing is built like a tank, a mini-tank.