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MM251 vs. MM252

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  • MM251 vs. MM252

    I've run a MM252 a good bit and thing it's a great machine. Might have the opertunity to buy a MM251.

    Can some one point me to a reference of the differences between the two? If not, can some on tell me if the MM251 has "fan on demand" like the 252? e.i. is is silent when running with the fan off?
    Thanks, W

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    Any info would be appreciated.


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      They are pretty much the same machine, with some improvements made to the 252. I have a 251 which is a great machine, and it is fan on demand.
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        I bought my 251 in 2004 and it is a perfect machine for me.
        I recall looking at the 252 when it came out and walked away thinking I was much better off with the 251. And I am the type to upgrade if anything is better.
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          I think the only real difference is being able to plug a push pull gun in with no controller. other then that same features in a different package
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            The 252 has a couple of extra settings - pre-flow, post-flow, burn-back, spot, stitch timers. On the 251 most of these are hard wired. When I had a 251, non of these settings would have help. In fact, on my 350 they are all at default (or turned off).

            There are some ergonomic differences - like a settings guide up front.

            I suspect the difference in price between a used 251 and a new 252 is going to be close to $1000. Putting it that way, it would be hard to justify.
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              Thanks folks.W


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                Originally posted by kcstott View Post
                I think the only real difference is being able to plug a push pull gun in with no controller. other then that same features in a different package
                And the push-pull gun is not cheap. I can't see any big advantage unless you had alot of aluminum to weld. 30a spool gun is a direct fit on a MM251, but no pulse.


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                  I use to own a MM 251, and the one thing that annoyed me about it, was how touchy the voltage and wire speed dial are to get an exact setting dialed in on the read out meter.


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                    I own a 251 and the only difference between the 251 and 252 is the 252 is a 251 in a different skin.

                    My 251 can do everything the 252 does and the 251 was cheaper to purchase, when I bought it new.

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                      The 251 has fan-on-demand. When I'm stop & go welding on 1/8 in mild steel at 17/250 with .035 the fan doesn't come on at all. When I weld on 3/8 at 21/425 it will kick on after a minute or so of stop & go work. I've been told the fan feature is related to the duty cycle.
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